Subverting America, Vol. Two (This is 11 in the Defrauding America book series.)

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Although such algorithms have been shown to posses many of the attractive emergent properties of previous tag models, they rely on the honest reporting of node utilities, behaviors and neighbors. But what if nodes do not follow the specified protocol and attempt to subvert it for their own selfish ends? We examine the robustness of a simple algorithm under two types of cheating behavior: a when a node can lie and cheat in order to maximize its own utility and b when a node acts nihilistically in an attempt to destroy cooperation in the network. Unable to display preview.

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  1. Shuffled Off (A Ghosts Memoir Book 1).
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  3. From Black Power to Black Studies.

Aiyer, A. Arteconi, S. Axelrod, R.


Castro, M. In: Proc. Third Symp. Cox, L. Feldman, M. Hales, D. In: Moss, S. By William Doyle. A comparative survey of how presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Bill Clinton have recorded their conversations and what their methods reveal about their governing styles. By Frank Snepp. A former C. By Victoria Glendinning. A life of the obscure country vicar and inveterate bath taker turned dirty-minded public rogue suggests that its subject may have suffered from one of the earliest recorded cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder. By David Fromkin. A lucid, learned examination of Kosovo as a case study for exploring the possibilities of action for the better in the world by the United States today.

By Timothy W. An American reporter's prose morality play about the Munich suburb Dachau, where normal life is foreclosed and an year-old Holocaust survivor remembers more horrors than anyone's records can confirm. The former president of South Africa recalls how his country made the transition from apartheid to all-race democracy. By Edward Mendelson. The second volume of Auden's biography, covering his years during World War II and after, written by the poet's literary executor. By Christopher Ogden. A colorful, closely observed family epic about the immmigrant who created a publishing empire and his son, a playboy turned philanthropist.

By Thomas L. A columnist, formerly a correspondent, for The Times explains, with anecdotes as well as analyses, what the instant electronic global economy is and what it may take to live there. By Friedrich Katz. A huge biography, embodying decades of research, that supplies global and regional context to the Mexican outlaw and revolutionary general best known in this country for his raid on a New Mexico town in By Margaret D. A funny, unassuming chronicle of the trials and achievements of a woman and mother engaged in studying tree canopies and inventing techniques to do it.

By Michael Schmidt.

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Straightforward, even old-fashioned, this big book pages plus bibliography and index is a history of English poetry from the midth century to the present, by a British publisher and editor who has read just about everything and has no fear of evaluation. By Jason Goodwin. A journalist and travel writer illuminates the history and culture of a former seat of imperial splendor, from its humble origins to glittering eminence to lumbering decline.

By Richard M. A mountainous work that restores to history the considerable influence of white musicians on the development of jazz. By Maria Diedrich. A chronicle of the nearly three-decade affair between Douglass and a German journalist.


By Simon Callow. The personal account of a grand if unusual platonic love affair between the gay actor and playwright and a woman 40 years his senior, Margaret Ramsay, the pre-eminent English play agent. By David Owen. An account of the innovator who founded golf's premier contest. By David Evanier.

A life of the Italian crooner from Hoboken -- no, not that one -- who sang like a nightingale but whose powerful enemies threatened to send him to sleep with the fish. By Anthony Sampson.

Subverting America - A Trojan Horse Legacy (Vol. 2)

A careful study of the master of political imagery who became South Africa's indispensable man; Mandela is demythologized without losing his heroic stature. By Kevin Brownlow. America's first film star, this celebratory reappraisal argues, was far more than the sum of her golden ringlets: urchin and princess, tomboy and coquette, she was an adroit shapeshifter worthy of serious critical attention.

By Richard Schickel. Ivan R. A collection by the film critic for Time that illustrates the breadth, depth and intensity of his passion for motion pictures and the people who make them.

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By John Russell. By Susan Blackmore. An informed effort to popularize the theory that cultures are controlled by replicating units memes analogous to the genes of biological theory, and that their operations drive cultural evolution.

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By Walter LaFeber. The historian uses the sports superstar to examine how American corporations employ popular culture to disguise what he labels economic imperialism. By Bernd Heinrich. With a graceful, light-footed prose style, a biologist investigates the brainest of birds. By John Updike.