Caught in a Trap

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As you come out to find an animal trapped in your cage, you may breathe a sigh of relief that the worst is behind you, but then you realize that your job is far from over. You now have to remove it in a responsible and legally accepted manner. The type of animal you have will determine what may be done with it, and certain species will have special considerations to acknowledge. You should have already done your homework in preparation for the highly anticipated capture, as you will not want to wait until the last minute to find out what to do once your trap is triggered.

Based on local trap laws, you should know where the animal may be released and whether it is protected and in need of special handling.

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With feral cats, there may be a feral cat rescue group or a locally sponsored trap-neuter-return program in effect in your area. Any animal that finds itself caught in a trap will likely go into a panic and can easily injure itself trying to escape, so it is up to you to calm it down by approaching slowly, taking soft steps and speaking in a soothing tone.

'Jeune Éléphant pris au Piège' ('Young Elephant Caught in a Trap')

Placing a blanket over the cage has been known to help quiet most animals, and if you happen to have a skunk in the cage you will definitely want to hold up a large sheet or blanket as you approach in order to protect yourself from being sprayed. But some animals will not be as easily swayed by your calming attempts and will prove to be quite persistent in their escape attempts.

As long as you believe it can be moved securely, do so immediately to prevent the animal from injuring itself. It should be in a region that your animal will feel comfortable in, offering plenty of opportunities for food and shelter.

Now comes the part that every trapper dreads: releasing it without getting attacked. Unfortunately, the animal may feel that the safest place for it in this new environment may be the cage it is in, and it may take some time before it gets brave enough to explore its options and find a more suitable hideaway. Remove the blanket if necessary, so that it loses confidence in its current enclosure and will want to find a more secure one, and try backing away to help bolster its courage.

Suspected Iranian Oil Caught in Sanctions Trap - WSJ

Depending on the cage design, the door will open in different ways, but most will allow you to unlatch it without putting your hand too close to the animal. A sculpture of a famous ape who was once a beloved household name in London. Rakvere, Estonia. This behemoth bovine guards an Estonian town and is a memorial to the lost species. Added by ahvenas. This striking statue brings a scene from the African savannah into central London.

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